GuruView: Buying

Insights and expert views to help you navigate your home purchase journey and make smart choices.

[guides thumbnail=”” title=”Someone Bought A 2M House Without Even Viewing It, Can You Do It Too?”][/guides]

[guides thumbnail=” ” title=”Why Now Is a Good Time to Buy a Property”][/guides]

[guides thumbnail=” ” title=”Temporary COVID-19 Relief Measures: How Singaporean Couples Can Apply for It”] [/guides]

[guides thumbnail=” ” title=”8 Things Your Building Management Can Do To Help Protect You From Covid-19″] [/guides]

[guides thumbnail=”” title=”You’ll be Issued a 300 Dollar Fine if You Don’t Wear a Mask, Even if You’re Within Your Condo’s Compound”] [/guides]

[guides thumbnail=”” title=”What’s a Fire Sale Property and Where to Look for a Good Deal”] [/guides]

[guides thumbnail=”” title=”COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act: How Property Buyers Can Apply for ABSD, OTP and S&P Relief”] [/guides]

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