Bedok North Street 2

Bedok North Street 2, located at Bedok adjacent to Bedok North Avenue and Bedok north road. This vibrant place is well-known for its green environment and exotic restaurants as there are few Japanese, Korean, Indian, American outlets present here. The construction of this place dates back to early 60s, when Singapore was witnessing a major shift in its culture and infrastructural development. During 90s, there was rapid development in Chai Chee, and Bedok that was enticing people to adopt a more posh lifestyle. Although, all of Bedok got revamped during the infrastructural changes in country, Bedok North Street 2 was getting a bit of special treatment.


Bedok North Street 2 not only got proper drainage and transportation system in compare to others but also developed as a hub for international tourists. Many international food centres, commercial hubs were established in this and nearby area and that made it one of the most influential places in the country. As the importance of Bedok North Street rose up, the prices of the residential apartments present over it became too pricey to afford for middle class people. Well, the scenario is definitely changing as not only people have higher purchasing capacity, but the affordable factor of this area becomes more flexible.


Bedok North Street 2 is one of the largest areas in Bedok and has around 16 blocks of HDBs, with postcodes ranging from 460113 to 469646. There are a total of 2407 units in total, with the earliest built in 1978 and the latest is 1998. These blocks are evenly spread out with giving ample amount of space to other buildings. The HDBs located here are around 100-120 and they are basic 2 bedrooms, 3- bedrooms, 4- bedrooms, 5-bedrooms and executive flat living facilities. The apartments are properly managed by the local Bedok authority and they make sure, to address people issue as soon as possible, by taking quick action on it.


The best-selling point about this street is it has many bus stations for giving commuters an easy mode of communication, on daily basis. There are several bus stop/bus stations in this street and the bus transportation is quite efficient.


Bedok North Street 2 is connected to Bedok MRT Station, Tanah Merah MRT Station and Simei MRT Station. You will definitely get a much faster communication to any part of the city through this MRT. As the roads are broad and hardly face any dense traffic, people prefer to use the bus service, against MRTs.


Education is one of the primary concerns for people looking for house in this street. Well, to help you in this matter, Bedok North Street 2 has some of the prominent schools of Singapore and well-known childcare centres in its area. Other than schools you will also find hospitals, Stadium, community hall nearby. Here is the list of popular ones in Bedok North Street 2-


Childcare centres

  • Sasco Child care centre
  • PCF Kampong Chai Chee Blk 409
  • PCF FengshanBlk 126
  • Chee Hoon KOG Child Care Centre
  • PCF Kaki Bukit Blk 526


Primary and secondary schools

  • Angelican High school
  • Red Swastik School
  • Bedok Green Secondary School
  • Yu Neng Primary School
  • Chatsworth Preschool
  • Tanjong Katong Preschool



  • Bedok Sports Complex
  • Bedok Active SG stadium
  • Fengshan Community Club


Other than schools, the one thing that Bedok North Street 2 is famous for is Restaurants. You will find some of the high-profile restaurants in Bedok North Street 2. There is a Martial art school too nearby, popularly known as Singapore Silat Federation.


Dine-out Places:

  • Nakhon’s Kitchen
  • Domino’s Bedok
  • Chin Li
  • Mukmin Restaurant Bedok
  • Jing Long Seafood Restaurant @ BEDOK


Recreational Park

  • Bedok town park
  • Kaki Bukit Neighbourhood Park


Bedok North Street is one of the best places in Singapore to live in. It has got a great environment to reside and that’s the reason, why every house seeker are keeping a close eye on this area for owning a property. If you want, you can also check out other places, as Bedok North Street 2 is just few minutes away from Bedok North Avenue 3 and Bedok North Road.

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