Downtown Line (DTL): What Are The Upcoming Extensions to the DTL?

The Downtown Line (DTL) opened in December 2013, linking the eastern part of Singapore to the central and northwest regions. As Singapore’s fifth MRT line, the DTL will add a total of four new stations to its roster in the coming years—read all about them here. 

Overview of the Downtown Line (DTL) 

  • The Downtown Line (DTL) was completed in 2013
  • There are currently 34 stations to date 
  • DT36 Xilin and DT37 Sungei Bedok is slated for launch in 2024
  • DT4 Hume will be ready in 2025 
  • There are also plans for a Sungei Kadut station by 2040 
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Downtown Line (DTL) Timeline: 2013 to date 

First operational in 2013, the Downtown Line links many estates in the East and North to the Central Business District (CBD) region. Places such as Tampines and Beauty World have a direct train line to CBD-friendly MRT stations such as Downtown and Newton. Citizens also can enjoy improved access to hotspots such as Chinatown, Little India, Rochor, and Bugis.

Conceptualization for the three phases of the Downtown Line was first announced in 2001, and construction took place in 2008. The final envisioned plan was for the Downtown Line to have 36 MRT stations across 44km. Currently, only 34 stations are operational.

With the exception of Gali Batu Depot, all the train stations run underground. When the Downtown Line (DTL) is completed, it will become the longest, driverless MRT line in Singapore. However, those concerned about the safety of a driverless train need not worry – driverless trains have already been in operation for years.


Downtown Line (DTL) MRT stations

The table below displays the MRT stations that currently operate along the Downtown Line, as well as the year they went into operation. 

Downtown Line (DTL) phase one – 2013

  • DT14 Bugis
  • DT15 Promenade
  • DT16 Bayfront
  • DT17 Downtown
  • DT18 Telok Ayer
  • DT19 Chinatown

Downtown Line (DTL) phase two – 2015

  • DT1 Bukit Panjang
  • DT2 Cashew
  • DT3 Hillview
  • DT5 Beauty World
  • DT6 King Albert Park
  • DT7 Sixth Avenue
  • DT8 Tan Kah Kee
  • DT9 Botanic Gardens
  • DT10 Stevens
  • DT11 Newton
  • DT12 Little India
  • DT13 Rochor

Downtown Line (DTL) phase three – 2017

  • DT20 Fort Canning
  • DT21 Bencoolen
  • DT22 Jalan Besar
  • DT23 Bendemeer
  • DT24 Geylang Bahru
  • DT25 Mattar
  • DT26 MacPherson
  • DT27 Ubi
  • DT28 Kaki Bukit
  • DT29 Bedok North
  • DT30 Bedok Reservoir
  • DT31 Tampines West
  • DT32 Tampines
  • DT33 Tampines East
  • DT34 Upper Changi
  • DT35 Expo

DTL phase one began in 2013, and started with the launch of the main stations, well, downtown, like Bugis, Bayfront and Promenade. In phase two (2015), the northwest stations Hillview, Stevens and Rochor were rolled out. Finally in phase three (2017), the rest of the east and central stations MacPherson, Tampines West and Bendemeer were completed. 

Downtown Line (DTL) MRT future extension plans

You may have noticed that there is no MRT station between DT3 Hillview and DT5 Beauty World. That’s because DT4, which will be named Hume Station, is actually a shell station with only structural provisions. Hume Station will be refitted and be operational around 2025.

Another extension to Phase 3 of the Downtown Line, Downtown Line 3e, will extend the Expo MRT station to include DT36 Xilin and DT37 Sungei Bedok in 2024. This will link it to the future Thomson-East Coast Line and the future East Coast Integrated Depot, which will serve the East West Line, Downtown Line, and the Thomson-East Coast Line. 

In 2019, there was an announcement to extend the Downtown Line to include Sungei Kadut as part of the Land Transport Master Plan 2040. Sungei Kadut will be linked to Bukit Panjang, and will open in the mid-2030s.


Downtown Line (DTL): Improving accessibility for Singapore residents

The Downtown Line (DTL) has granted quick access to the CBD area, which has helped to reduce the burden on the existing North-South and East-West line (NSL, EWL). This means that the MRT will not be as crowded during peak hours.

Chinatown has long been a common haunt for tourists and locals alike and it is near Downtown Line - PropertyGuru SingaporeChinatown has long been a common haunt for tourists and locals alike

It is also easier for tourists and locals to access popular locations such as Little India, Chinatown, and Bugis. Prior to the existence of the Downtown Line, those who wanted to access these places had to stop elsewhere and take a bus. 

With phase three of the Downtown Line, those living in the East also have alternate train routes apart from the East-West line. 


Properties to consider along the Downtown Line

A study carried out along properties on the Circle Line found that properties located close to an MRT station see an uptick of up to 1.6% in value.  This might be even more true for those located next to MRT stations along the Downtown Line, since it links to the CBD area.

There are a whopping 34 operational stations on the DTL, so it’s impossible to list all the properties within walking distance to a DTL MRT station. Thankfully, you can narrow down your search with PropertyGuru’s MRT filter. Here, have a look:

PG DTL search filter

For extreme convenience, you may be looking to live right downtown, in the heart of the CBD. There are many condos around the Newton area to consider, like L’VIV, 10 Evelyn, Robin Residences and 35 Gilstead

The calm Rochor river provides a sense of tranquility to the neighbourhood and it is near Downtown Line - PropertyGuru SingaporeThe calm Rochor river provides a sense of tranquility to the neighbourhood

Another residential-heavy CBD area is Rochor, which has the added benefit of being close to the town area. It is also in close proximity to Bugis, which is a tourist shopping haven. If you like the idea of living near the bustling town centre, City Gate is a property you can consider.

If you find this area too expensive yet want a direct line to the CBD, you can consider looking around the ‘ends’ of the line, either in the northwest or eastern regions. 

In Bukit Panjang/Upper Bukit Timah area, there are many condos like the newly launched Forrett at Bukit Timah, Daintree Residence, The Hillford and more. In the east side, Tampines and Bedok are great residential districts too. Some popular condos there include The Tampines Trilliant, Baywater and Treasure at Tampines


Downtown line (DTL): More frequently asked questions 

Still curious about the Downtown line (DTL)? Here are some quick questions (and answers). 

How many MRT stations are there on the Downtown line (DTL)?

There are currently 34 Downtown line (DTL) stations (after phase three in 2017). 

Is the Downtown Line (DTL) completed?

Almost! There are four upcoming Downtown Line (DTL) stations. 

What are the upcoming Downtown Line (DTL) MRT stations?

The 4 new upcoming stations are DT36 Xilin and DT37 Sungei Bedok (2024), DT4 Hume (2025) and Sungei Kadut (2040). 

Should I live near the Downtown Line (DTL)? 

That’s up to you, but data has shown that properties near MRT stations usually have better resale value. Have a specific DTL MRT station you want to live near to? Search for properties nearby on PropertyGuru


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