6 Electricity Providers in Singapore for Green Electricity to Run An Eco-Friendly Household (2021)

Electricity providers in Singapore typically generate electricity for homes by burning fossil fuels like oil and gas. You probably already know this is not an eco-friendly or sustainable method of generating electricity at all.

Fossil fuels are a finite resource, which means eventually, Mother Earth will run out of them and then it’s ‘good game’ to us all. So what you can you do if you want to run an eco-friendly household as best you can?

Aside from implementing eco-friendly home improvement ideas or living in sustainable residences, you can switch your electricity provider and hop onto a green electricity plan.

With the Singapore government’s plans to make energy greener and the building of a solar farm that can power up to 16,000 four-room HDB flats for one year, we say if you’re looking for a sign to make the switch, this is it.


What is Green Electricity?

That’s where green energy (or electricity, in this case) comes in. If you look up the definition of green electricity, you’ll probably find it refers to electricity generated from renewable (and sometimes infinite) resources like solar or wind power. 

In the Singaporean context, however, the term green electricity is used pretty broadly and includes carbon neutral energy as well, which many electricity retailers offer. As you’ll read later in the article, Sunseap is actually the only electricity retailer exclusively focusing on clean, solar electricity. 

Solar Vs Carbon Neutral Energy

The main difference is that carbon neutral energy is not necessarily 100% clean. Unlike solar or wind power-generated energy which doesn’t touch fossil fuels at all, carbon neutral energy could still be generated the ‘normal’ way. 

It is, however, still sustainable in a sense because it offsets the carbon emissions produced. From your electricity usage, the electricity retailers will estimate your carbon emission impact and obtain carbon offset credits for it. These credits then go towards organisations and initiatives that help reduce carbon emissions. 


Which Electricity Retailers Offer Green Electricity Plans in Singapore?

Now that we have a better understanding of what green electricity means, let’s look at the 6 electricity retailers that offer eco-friendly electricity plans in Singapore. The below figures include GST and are accurate at the time of writing.

Electricity retailer

Types of green electricity plans

Cheapest green electricity plan


Carbon neutral electricity only 

Sunny Side-Up, $0.2250 per kWh 


Solar and carbon neutral electricity 

Get It Fixed 24, green add-ons for up to $0.2263 per kWh


Carbon neutral electricity only 

Chope the Rate (24 months), $0.2236 per kWh 

OHM Energy 

Carbon neutral electricity only 

Simply Ohm, $0.2248 per kWh (with CO2 offset add-on)

Sembcorp Power

Solar energy and carbon neutral electricity 

Sunshine Plan, $0.2500 per kWh


Solar electricity only

Sunseap-50, $0.2440 per kWh 


PacificLight: Sunny Side-Up Green Electricity Plan

PacificLight only has one eco-friendly electricity plan, and it is an online exclusive plan. It is a carbon neutral plan. Once a year in October, you will receive Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to prove that your consumption was offset. 

PacificLight green electricity plan

Sunny Side-Up 


$0.2250 per kWh

What it is

Carbon neutral electricity 

Contract period 

12 months 

The Sunny Side-Up plan may be more expensive than PacificLight’s other plans, it is not more expensive. For instance, the Savvy Saver 12 months contract plan is priced the same.


Geneco: Get It Fixed and Add-on Green Electricity Plans

Geneco may sound like a new brand, but it’s actually a subsidiary of YTL PowerSeraya Pte. Limited, which is an established player in the energy industry. Geneco has two green electricity plans: Get It Green, which is carbon neutral, and Get Sunny which is solar-powered. 

Geneco green electricity plans

Get It Fixed 24

Get It Fixed 12


Up to $0.2263 per kWh

Up to $0.2263 per kWh


Use promo code POWER80 ($50 bill rebate + $30 FairPrice vouchers, limited sign-ups only). Also, get free Geneco Starter Kit with Power Eco Add-on)

Use promo code POWER25 ($25 off bill, limited sign-ups only)

Contract period 

24 months 

12 months

At Geneco, you can opt for the Power Eco Add-on, a customisable green add-on. You can choose Carbon Credits (CC) or Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) and vary the percentage levels you would like. Prices are pegged to how green you’d like to be.

Use their promo codes when signing up to enjoy deals such as bill rebates and FairPrice vouchers. They have a promotion package too where you can enjoy a discounted rate of $0.2028 per kWh (up to $0.2071 per kWh) for six months.


iSwitch: All Electricity Plans Are Carbon Neutral 

Unlike other electricity retailers that have dedicated green electricity plans and normal, cheaper plans, all of iSwitch’s plans are carbon neutral (except the no-contract plan). There are two general pricing mechanisms: fixed rate (Chope the Rate) and discount off regulated tariff (Super Saver Discount). 

iSwitch green electricity plans


Chope the Rate Exclusive (12 months) 

$0.2311 per kWh 

Chope the Rate (24 months)

$0.2236 per kWh


$0.2301 per kWh

Super Saver Discount Exclusive (12 months) 

12% off the tariff

Super Saver Discount (24 months) 

15% off the tariff

Use their promo codes when signing up to enjoy deals such as bill rebates, free AIA Personal Accident Protection, Green Certified Electricity at no additional cost and up to 5% cash back on UOB One Credit Card Bill Payment. Get more of your friends on iSwitch’s plans to earn a $30 Bill Rebate for every friend referral. 


Ohm Energy: Extra +$0.0054 per kWh for C02 Offset Add-on 

For Ohm Energy, the eco-friendly option is actually an optional add-on that you must pay an extra +$0.0054 per kWh for. According to their fact sheet, they can change this price at any time, subject to 90 day’s notice. 

Ohm Energy has four main plans: Fixed Ohm, Simply Ohm, Market Ohm and Ohm Discount.

Ohm Energy green electricity plans


If you opt for CO2 offset add-on 

Simply Ohm

$0.2194 per kWh 

$0.2248 per kWh

Fixed Ohm 

$0.2338 per kWh 

$0.2392 per kWh

Ohm Discount 

Up to 10% off tariff 

Up to 10% off tariff + $0.0054 per kWh 

Market Ohm 

Wholesale rates + $10.70 monthly fee

Wholesale rates + $10.70 monthly fee + $0.0054 per kWh 


Sembcorp Power: Sunshine Plan 

On Sembcorp Power’s website, it says all their electricity plans are “greener”. This refers to the 50kWh worth of renewable energy certificates (RECs) retired every month on the consumers’ behalf. If you’re looking for clean energy source instead, then there’s the Sunshine Plan, which uses 100% solar energy.

Sembcorp Power green electricity plan

Sunshine Plan


$0.25 per kWh 

What it is

100% solar energy electricity plan 

Contract period 

12 months 


Sunseap: The Only Dedicated Solar Electricity Retailer in Singapore

As mentioned earlier, Sunseap is an electricity retailer that focuses on solar electricity. Depending on your budget and level of commitment to the cause, you can pick from 1% and 50% solar electricity plans. 

Here’s an overview of the 1% and 50% solar electricity plans, Sunseap-one and Sunseap-50.




Fixed rate 

$0.2250 per kWh

$0.2440 per kWh

What it is

1% solar powered electricity

50% solar powered electricity 

Contract period 

6 to 24 months

24 months 

As expected, Sunseap is the most expensive of the lot because it actually features clean, renewable energy. 


Green Electricity Providers in Singapore to Power Your Home in an Eco-friendly Way 

As you can see, there are actually quite a few choices for the eco-conscious in Singapore. There are 6 electricity retailers that offer green energy plans. 

However, it must be noted that when compared to their typical, non-green electricity plans, these are significantly more expensive. It’s kind of like how fast food will always be cheaper than say, an organic salad. 

Additionally, most of these are carbon neutral plans, which aren’t actually 100% clean. The only truly green plans available are Geneco’s Get Sunny and Sunseaps’s Sunseap-100 plan, but they are also the most expensive on this list. 


More FAQs on Green Electricity Providers in Singapore

How Do I Buy Green Electricity?

The easiest way is to switch to an electricity provider that offers green electricity.

Which is the cheapest green electricity provider in Singapore?

Of the 6 providers in the article, iSwitch’s Chope the Rate (36 months) plan costs only $0.1905 per kWh.

What Is Green Electricity Singapore?

In Singapore, the term green electricity includes carbon neutral energy as well as electricity generated from renewable resources.


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