Aug 2021 Hougang BTO Review: First Launch in 5 Years

During this Aug 2021 BTO launch, a total of 1,335 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room, and 5-room flats will be made available across two projects in the August 2021 Hougang BTO launch. The two projects are named Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring. Hougang Citrine offers 749 units while Kovan Wellspring has 586 flats available.

This is the first BTO launch in Hougang in five years; the last launch in the non-mature estate was in August 2016. During this August launch, Hougang and Tampines are the two estates with two BTO projects launched within the same estate.

For now, let’s take a closer look at what the Hougang BTO projects have to offer. 


Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring Hougang BTO Map (Aug 2021 HDB BTO Launch)

Here’s a look at where the two BTO projects are located.

Locality map of Hougang Citrine Hougang BTO flats along Hougang Avenue 3. Source: HDB
Locality map of Kovan Wellspring Hougang BTO flats bounded by Upper Serangoon Road and Tampines Road. Source: HDB

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Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring Hougang BTO Location (Aug 2021 HDB BTO Launch)

Hougang BTO location (August 2021) 



Hougang Avenue 3; Bounded by Upper Serangoon Road and Tampines Road

Nearest MRT

Bartley MRT (Circle Line), Kovan MRT (North East Line), Hougang MRT (North East Line)

Nearest bus interchange

Hougang Bus Interchange

Nearby schools

Maris Stella High (Primary and Secondary), Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ (Primary and Secondary), Xinmin (Primary and Secondary), Xinghua Primary, Holy Innocents’ Primary, CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity Primary, Yuying Secondary, Bowen Secondary, Holy Innocents’ High

Other nearby amenities

Hougang Mall, The Midtown, Hougang Sports Hall, Hougang Swimming Complex, Hougang Stadium, neighbourhood centres, Punggol Park, park connectors, Hougang Polyclinic, health and medical care facilities (proposed)

Kovan Wellspring is located along Upper Serangoon Road and Tampines Road, while Hougang Citrine is found along Hougang Avenue 3. 

The former will have an edge over the other in terms of connectivity. This is because it will be located right in front of Kovan MRT, allowing residents to get to the MRT within a three-minute walk. 

Nevertheless, both BTO projects will offer residents convenient access to various amenities. Despite Hougang’s status as a non-mature estate, it’s not lacking in amenities like schools and healthcare facilities.  

Furthermore, the flats are located within a short bus ride from the heart of Hougang, where the MRT, bus interchange, Hougang Mall, and sports facilities are located. 

On a side note, prospective buyers may want to note that both projects are situated a stone’s throw from Chinese temples. 

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Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring Hougang BTO Price (Aug 2021 HDB BTO Launch)

Unit type

Hougang Citrine BTO price (August 2021) (excluding grants)

Kovan Wellspring  BTO price (August 2021) (excluding grants)

Previous Hougang BTO price (August 2016) (excluding grants)

Resale flat prices in the area (Hougang Avenue 3) 

Resale flat prices in the area (Upper Serangoon Road/Tampines Road) 


From $108,000

From $153,000

From $79,000


From $199,000

From $289,000

From $165,000

$215,000 – $340,000

$343,000 – $382,000


From $324,000

From $413,000

From $255,000

$293,000 – $375,000

$472,000 – $590,000


From $392,000

$420,000 – $505,000

When comparing the prices for the two Hougang BTO projects, Hougang Citrine is the more affordable of the two. This could be because Kovan Wellspring is located right next to Kovan MRT station and Heartland Mall. It is known that houses close to such desirable amenities experience the ‘MRT effect‘ and are priced higher.

Given the effects of inflation over the years, the starting prices for the August 2021 Hougang BTO flats are expected to be slightly higher than those of the 2016 launch. Prices have understandably jumped, but the increase is quite considerable. Consider: a 4-room flat went for $255,000 in 2016 but now, a flat of the same size starts at $324,000 (excluding grants) for Hougang Citrine and $413,000 (excluding grants) for Kovan Wellspring.

Still, Hougang is a non-mature estate, and prices are still lower than projects in mature or more centrally-located estates such as Queen’s Arc in Queenstown.

Based on the 2016 BTO prices and recent resale prices, it appears future residents may be able to enjoy some decent upside if they sell after the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP). Over the past year, a 4-room resale flat in the vicinity was sold for $590,000, while the selling price of a BTO 4-room BTO started at less than half this price in 2016.


Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring Hougang BTO Amenities (Aug 2021 HDB BTO Launch)

Convenient Access to MRT Stations

A key highlight of the Kovan Wellspring August 2021 Hougang BTO launch is that it is right in front of Kovan MRT. It will also be the only project in the August 2021 launch to boast such close proximity to an MRT station. 

For the Hougang Citrine August 2021 Hougang BTO launch, public transport is stillA within reach, although not within close walking distance. The nearest MRT will be Bartley MRT, which can be reached in about 20 minutes by foot. Alternatively, residents can take a 17-minute bus ride to reach the station. 

Many Schools in the Area

Another notable aspect of the Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring Hougang BTO projects is the variety of primary and secondary schools in the vicinity. 

Parents and students will also be pleased to know that popular schools such as Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ and Maris Stella High can be easily reached by bus. 

For instance, students will be able to get to Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ within a five-minute bus ride from Hougang Citrine, and a 13-minute bus ride from Kovan Wellspring. 

Maris Stella High can be reached in around 25 minutes from both Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring BTO projects. 

Close to Healthcare Facilities

Residents will get to enjoy easy access to healthcare services in the estate. 

Hougang Polyclinic will be around a 20-minute bus ride from both the projects in the August 2021 Hougang BTO launch. 

In addition, there are plans for a health and medical care centre to be built just across the street from the Hougang Citrine BTO flats. 

15 Minutes to Hougang Mall

Offering a variety of retail and dining offerings, Hougang Mall will be one MRT stop away from the Kovan Wellspring BTO, and a 15-minute bus ride from the Hougang Citrine BTO. 

Another mall in the area is The Midtown, which will be within a 3-minute walk from Hougang Mall. 

What’s more, those who enjoy hawker fare and prefer to get their daily essentials from the market can look forward to the neighbourhood centres close to home. 

The Kovan Wellspring BTO will not only be located a stone’s throw away from Kovan MRT, but also from Kovan Market and Food Centre. 

Similarly, Hougang Hainanese Village Centre will be within 11-minutes by foot from the Hougang Citrine flats.

20 Minutes to Recreational Amenities

On top of schools and healthcare facilities, residents of the Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring August 2021 Hougang BTO flats will enjoy easy access to various sports facilities and nature parks. 

Hougang Sports Hall, Hougang Swimming Complex, and Hougang Stadium are all located close to each other in the heart of Hougang. 

For nature lovers, Punggol Park can be reached by a 20-minute bus ride. 


Conclusion: Are the Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring Hougang BTO Flats Worth Balloting for? 

In terms of location, the Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring August 2021 Hougang BTO launches are good options if you don’t mind living in the north-eastern part of Singapore. What’s more, you’re likely to be able to enjoy relatively lower prices for a BTO flat here.

Pros of the Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring August 2021 Hougang BTO

  • Easy access to public transport (especially for Kovan Wellspring)
  • Close to healthcare facilities
  • Many schools in the vicinity
  • Lower selling prices
  • Wide range of flat sizes

Cons of the Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring August 2021 Hougang BTO

  • Far from the city centre
  • MRT is not within walking distance from the Hougang Citrine BTO flats
  • Only the Kovan Wellspring project is within walking distance to a mall

The Hougang Citrine Hougang BTO flats come out tops in terms of affordability for the August 2021 launch exercise. While pricier, the Kovan Wellspring Hougang BTO project is still one of the more affordable flats. Their location in a non-mature estate makes them cheaper than most other projects in the launch. 

In addition, both projects will provide residents with decent access to schools and healthcare facilities. 

In particular, compared to other projects in the August 2021 launch, both projects will be surrounded by a high number of schools. 

If you’ve always wanted to live close to the MRT, you can consider balloting for a spot during this launch. If you’re lucky, you might be able to secure a unit in the Kovan Wellspring project located right in front of Kovan MRT. 

Furthermore, the Hougang Citrine and Kovan Wellspring Hougang BTO flats are likely to be less popular than most of the other August 2021 launch estates like Kallang/Whampoa, Queenstown, and Jurong East flats. This means you might possibly have a higher chance of securing a flat in this estate. 

Since you’re here, why not learn about the other estates in the August 2021 BTO launch?


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