Pasir Ris Street 13

Currently the home of about 150,000 persons, Pasir Ris HDB estate was developed in the 20th century on a leasehold land. This HDB estate was developed on coastal land with a unique residential and tourist appeal because of its proximity to the sea. Apart from the seaside ambience of the area, Pasir Ris also has a unique architectural and cultural appeal. This estate has about 30,000 flats of different sizes, from the smaller flats to the executive flats. The leasehold tenure of the land where this HDB estate is located is 99 years. The land where Pasir Ris HDB estate is located is on the northeast coastline of Singapore. There are seven sub zones of the Pasir Ris area.


Pasir Ris estate is divided into streets where there are blocks of flats and ample facilities to cater the needs of the residents of the streets. The facilities on the streets of Pasir Ris include educational facilities, recreational facilities, transportation facilities and childcare facilities. There are also a lot of sporting amenities in the Pasir Ris estate area. The area is known for an intra-town cycling network and is a notable outdoor sporting enthusiasts’ hub.


There are 17 blocks of flats on Pasir Ris Street 13. In these 17 blocks, there are 668 flats. The flats on Pasir Ris Street 13 are of different sizes to accommodate the varying needs of home seekers and investors with particular interest in the area. The types of housing units available on Pasir Ris Street 13 include 4 bedrooms flats, 5 bedrooms flats and executive flats. The development of the flats on Pasir Ris Street 13 took place in 1995. This area has a postal range from 510147 to 512149.


Facilities available in the vicinity of this street include transportation facilities such as train stations, bus stops, recreational facilities such as shopping malls and recreational parks and educational facilities. There are numerous bus stops in the vicinity of Pasir Ris Street 13. MRT stations such as Pasir Ris MRT Station, Tampines MRT station and Simei MRT station are also located close to Pasir Ris Street 13.


With the nearby childcare facilities, residents of Pasir Ris can meet their childcare needs. The nearby childcare facilities include the following.


Nearby Childcare Facilities

  • YWCA Child Development Centre Pasir Ris
  • Iman Childcare Pte Ltd
  • Jude Childcare & Child Development Centre
  • PCF Pasir Ris East


YWCA Child Development Centre Pasir Ris is located at Blk, 214 Pasir Ris Street 21. Iman Childcare Pte Ltd is located at Pasir Ris Street 13, #01-34 Block 148. Jude Childcare & Child Development Centre is located at 104 Pasir Ris Street 12.


Residents of Pasir Ris Street 13 can also choose from any of the nearby primary and secondary schools for their wards.


Nearby Primary Schools

  • White Sands Primary School
  • Pasir Ris Primary School
  • Loyang Primary School


White Sands Primary is located about 250 metres away. Pasir Ris Primary School is located about 960 metres away. Loyang Primary School is located about 1.07 km away.


Nearby Secondary Schools

  • Greenview Secondary School
  • Loyang Secondary School
  • Dunman Secondary School


Greenview Secondary School is located about 620 metres away. Loyang Secondary is located about 670 metres away. Dunman Secondary School is located about 760 metres away.


There are also shopping malls in the vicinity of Pasir Ris Street 13, and they include the following.


Nearby Shopping Malls

  • Loyang Point
  • White Sands
  • Downtown East


Loyang Point is located about 390 metres away. White Sands is located about 1.69 km away. Downtown East is located about 1.78 km away.


Neighbouring streets include Pasir Ris Street 11.

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