Agent Certified Badges to Help You Find the Most Trusted Agent

Introducing Agent Certified Badges  

We know that choosing the right agent is very important because he/she will be responsible for advising all matters relating to your property purchase, therefore finding an agent whom you can trust and possess the right expertise to help you is a critical first step.

At PropertyGuru, we are committed to being your go-to trusted platform for all your property needs, and we want to make your property search as easy and frictionless as possible, that’s why we introduced the agent certified badges to help empower property seekers like yourself to find an agent you trust.


What Are Agent Certified Badges?  

Agent Certified Badges are awarded to Agent Partners who show commitment to their profession by investing time and resource into continuous upskilling and education so they can be even better-skilled advisors to their clients. 


How Do These Badges Work?

An Agent Certified badge that’s displayed on an agent’s profile means that the agent has demonstrated commitment to his/her profession by furthering his/her education to upgrade his/her knowledge and skillsets. 

Agents who complete industry-recognised courses partnered with PropertyGuru will qualify to receive a certified badge on their PropertyGuru agent profiles.

Based on a 5-tier badge system, each tier represents the minimum number of PropertyGuru partner and industry certified courses that an agent must complete in order to be accredited with the respective badge.  

Here’s what each badge represents: 

Agent Certified Badges (2)

Here’s how the badge would appear on an agent profile: 

agent certified badges (3)


How Would These Badges Benefit Me as a Property Seeker?

For many, buying or selling a property is a big milestone and probably the biggest transaction you’ll handle in your lifetime. It involves a lot of legwork, careful research and consideration, and can be a tedious task

With Agent Certified badges, we aim to empower your property search and save you time, by helping you focus on engaging agents who are most suited to your needs. 


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