Spottiswoode Park Road

Spottiswoode Park Road is located at Central Area. It is an enclosed area surrounded by Cantonment close to the south and Reuben PK to the north. This place is popular for being the spiritual hub for people of Singapore. There are many traditional meditating centres nearby where many high-profile monks conduct chants and meditation sessions. The local community also get indulged in this kind of activities as it is one of the oldest living areas of Singapore. This place has many Buddhist spots which dates back to hundreds of years and the people living nearby values it importance and respect it.


During the time of renovations in Singapore, people in this are initially resisted to build any form of modern infrastructure in this area. They feared the authenticity of this place will get damaged. Well, it was during 1970s, when local administration department resolved its issues with the local authorities and slowly, many modern buildings and commercial centres were constructed. Due to rapid rise of commercialization, many international companies choose to open their offices in this area.


As the development of apartments was still going on, many people showed their interest to own a property in this place. During the turn of 2000, therewithal any apartment that was left vacant for re-occupancy. Suddenly, the prices went up and it was unimaginable for commoners to afford a house or commercial property over here. Now, things have changed a lot and as the Singapore economy grew, the purchasing capacity of people also grew high. The houses that were exclusive for rich class are now in affordable range for middle class person now. People from all over the country are flooding this area and enjoy a vibrant and peaceful life over here. This place has all the necessary form of amenities and facilities nearby that satisfies all kinds of needs of the locals.


Spottiswoode Park Road is one of the largest areas of Singapore and has around 8 blocks of HDBs with postal range from 80103 to 88656 which consist 466 HDB units. This property was built in 1979, which offers flats with 5 bedrooms and executive flats.


This place has many bus stations in the radius of 1 to 2 km and its USP is there are four major roads that are encircling it, so people hardly face any issue getting into the city.There are many bus stations present in Spottiswoode Park Road such as Block 3, Block 4, Block 1, and Block 2. The bus numbers that make stoppage in these stations are – 28,45,67,137,155,506,87,228 etc. These buses are on direct route so there is no need to change buses after alternative stoppage.


Spottiswoode Park Road is connected to a several MRT stations such as HarbourFront MRT station, Outram Park MRT station and Tanjong Pagar MRT station.


Now, apart from transportation facilities, education is also another big factor for people to live here. As it is close to Everton road, it has the nearest access to some of the well-known schools of Singapore.


Childcare centres

  • Modern Montessori Bedok Reservoir Childcare Centre MMI
  • PCF Kampong Chai CheeBlk 409
  • PCF FengshanBlk 126
  • YWCA Child Development Centre (Bedok)
  • PCF Kaki Bukit Blk 526


Primary and Secondary Schools

  • Angelican High school
  • Inspiration Design International School
  • Hampton Pre-School, Tanjong Pagar
  • Yu Neng Primary School
  • Tanjong Katong Primary School
  • Bukit HoSwee Primary School



  • Queenstown Active SG Stadium
  • The Float @ Marina Bay
  • Jalan Besar Sports Centre


Other than this, you will also get closer to some of the best exotic food outlets and restaurants that serve both traditional and western food.You will also fond newly constructed recreational parks for enjoying an evening session of brisk walk or enjoying your past time with child. It also has a gaming zone and large bowling area for youth, children and adults to play and enjoy the modern practical and video games.


Dine-out Places:

  • Nakhon’s Kitchen
  • Domino’s Bedok
  • Chin Li
  • Mukmin Restaurant Bedok
  • Jing Long Seafood Restaurant @ BEDOK


Recreational Park

  • Bedok town park
  • Kaki Bukit Neighbourhood Park

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