To Rent A Room or Studio Apartment in Singapore: 5 Factors to Help You Decide

Renting in Singapore has become more commonplace in recent years, and it’s not just foreigners who are snapping up rental property. More young Singaporeans are renting before marriage, choosing to remain single, and/or not have children

However, there are tons of choices when it comes to renting as an individual. If you’re renting in Singapore alone, should you rent a room in an HDB flat or condo? Or would renting an entire studio apartment be better?

Whether you’re a single millennial renting for the first time or looking for a bachelor pad, here’s a comparison between the housing options so you can make an informed choice.


What is a Studio Apartment?

Studio apartments are one-room units and are typically found in condo projects. Your living room, kitchen and bedroom are in the same area, while your bathroom is usually hidden behind a door. Sometimes, studio apartments are referred to as ‘shoebox apartments’ because you have everything you need in one tiny space. 

Usually, the apartment has dedicated, built-in spaces where you can cook and sleep. If you’re lucky (or are willing to pay a higher price), you can get a studio apartment that comes with a balcony.

Modern studio apartment interior
Studio apartments can feel cramped if you put too many things in your living space.


Comparing Renting a Room vs Studio Apartment

The pricing and sizing information in this article is referenced from existing PropertyGuru listings at the time of writing. We’ve also filtered out rooms that allow co-sharing; the below figures are what it’d be like if you were a single inhabitant living in the rental space.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!


1. Price

Renting a room is obviously much cheaper than renting an entire apartment, no matter how small the studio apartment is. If you rent a room, you’re paying for less space than a shoebox apartment.

If you rent a studio apartment in Singapore, be prepared to set aside at least $1,200 a month. Prices can go up to $4,500 a month, excluding utilities, in the case of this studio located on 6 Eu Tong Sen Street.

To afford this price, you’ll probably have to forgo little luxuries like bubble tea and happy hours with your friends on the weekend. Those who like to treat themselves probably won’t be too happy with this arrangement.

Here’s a table comparing how much it costs to rent a studio apartment, a room in an HDB flat, and a condo in different districts in Singapore.


Monthly rental for a room in an HDB flat

Monthly rental for a room in a condo

Monthly rental for a studio apartment

3 (Queenstown, Tiong Bahru, Redhill)

$500 to $1,480

$990 to $1,900

$1,600 to $3,350

8 (Little India, Farrer Park)

$650 to $2,100

$700 to $1,300

$1,400 to $2,900

15 (Katong, Joo Chiat, Amber Road, East Coast Road, Siglap)

$500 to $1,600

$700 to $2,200

$1,250 to $3,500

19 (Serangoon Garden, Hougang, Punggol)

$550 to $1,600

$600 to $2,000

$1,400 to $2,200

25 (Kranji, Woodgrove, Woodlands, Admiralty)

$500 to $1,200

$750 to $1,350

$1,600 to $1,800

Within each housing category, the range in monthly rent varies according to:

  • Where your house is located
  • What condition your rental home is in
  • How well-connected it is to the city and public transport networks
  • When it was built, and 
  • What amenities the building has
Decorated modern room
Try to find a studio apartment with high ceilings as it will make your home feel less cramped.

Conclusion on price: Studio apartments are easily the most expensive rental option. Be prepared to pay twice or thrice more for such a studio as compared to a room. The cheapest studio is two to three times more expensive than the most affordable HDB flat.

However, bear in mind the space you are renting is completely different. A studio apartment has everything you need in one room, which brings us to the next point on space and size.

Still have your heart set on a studio apartment? Check out these 11 studio apartments that you can rent for $1,500 or less. If not, browse condo room listings for rent and HDB flat room listings for rent


2. Space and Size

In condos and HDB flats, there is the option to pay more for the master bedroom. The pro is you get an en-suite toilet. If you enjoy long, hot showers, this is great. No one’s going to fight you for the bathroom. The con is you likely have to fork out more for rent. 

While HDB and condo room units have fairly standardised sizes, newer HDB flats and condos tend to have smaller rooms

There is more variety in studio apartment sizes. More luxurious, boutique units can be as large as a small 2-room HDB flat. You could even take ‘boujee’ living to the next level by getting a waterfront condo with a sea view


Size of available rooms for rent in an HDB flat (sq ft)

Size of available rooms for rent in a condo (sq ft)

Size of available studio apartments (sq ft)

3 (Queenstown, Tiong Bahru, Redhill)

50 to 300

80 to 350

170 to 500

8 (Little India, Farrer Park)

120 to 200

80 to 320

240 to 570

15 (Katong, Joo Chiat, Amber Road, East Coast Road, Siglap)

50 to 350

60 to 350

187 to 731

19 (Serangoon Garden, Hougang, Punggol)

50 to 350

60 to 484

189 to 400 

25 (Kranji, Woodgrove, Woodlands, Admiralty)

50 to 300

120 to 250

300 to 370

Before you throw your money to get a studio apartment due to the larger space, it’s good to remember: studio apartments are bigger because you’re supposed to be able to sleep, cook, and socialise in a singular room. 

Condo and HDB rooms are usually part of a larger house, and you’ll be able to separate your sleeping and living quarters. Objectively, you’ll have more space due to this arrangement. However, you might have to compromise on privacy.

studio-apartment-vs-room-for-rent-in-singapore (2)
Luxury living could look like a studio apartment that has a mezzanine floor installed so you can separate your living and sleeping space.

Conclusion on size: Even the smallest studio apartments are thrice the size of the smallest HDB rooms. But keep in mind, they can be smaller than master bedrooms, and you’re expected to squeeze in your cooking, sleeping and socialising space into a single room!


3. Privacy

The biggest argument for why you should get a studio apartment is the space is wholly yours. You can have people over whenever or decorate your rental home as you please.

In a shared HDB or condo flat, you may not be able to cook or have people stay over, depending on the terms of your lease. And if you have unfriendly or inconsiderate flatmates, the state of your home might deter you from leaving your room.

studio-apartment-vs-room-for-rent-in-singapore (5)
If you have to share the bathroom, pray to the high heavens your toilet looks like this.

Ask any girl, and they’ll tell you their worst nightmare is having to share a toilet with a boy who drips pee onto the rim and leaves the seat up. 

Plus, if your kitchen is not well-maintained, you wouldn’t want to cook and end up paying more for take out. Having to eat in your room also means your living situation might not be too different from living in a studio. 

Conclusion on privacy: Studio apartments win hands down if you value your privacy. Depending on the flat’s cleanliness, who your roommates are, and room size, living in a single room might be worse than living in a small studio.


4. Amenities Available

When comparing prices per square foot (psf), renting a room in a condo isn’t that much more expensive than if you get a studio. This could be because studios tend to be part of condo launches and offer facilities such as additional security, gyms and swimming pools. The condo maintenance fee and other charges are probably factored into your rent.


Monthly rental for a room in an HDB flat (psf)

Monthly rental for a room in a condo (psf)

Monthly rental for a studio apartment (psf)

3 (Queenstown, Tiong Bahru, Redhill)

$2.22 to $24.00

$5.36 to $17.24

$6.80 to $10.88

8 (Little India, Farrer Park)

$4.00 to $10.00

$3.00 to $16.88

$4.65 to $10.00

15 (Katong, Joo Chiat, Amber Road, East Coast Road, Siglap)

$2.71 to $14.00

$2.67 to $20.00

$3.75 to $9.00

19 (Serangoon Garden, Hougang, Punggol)

$3.00 to $17.60

$3.00 to $13.85

$4.72 to $9.52

25 (Kranji, Woodgrove, Woodlands, Admiralty)

$2.40 to $15

$4.25 to $7.22

$4.22 to $6.00

If you’re renting in a recently-built condo project, there’s a good chance your surroundings and room will look nicer than one in an older HDB flat. The plumbing, electrical wiring, and housing condition could be in better shape too.

Small flat arrangement
In studio apartments, you have to be prepared to really optimise your space to make every square foot count. That means storage, storage, storage!

Conclusion on amenities: Unless you’re sure you’re going to use the facilities in your condo building, you might be better off renting a slightly more expensive but newly-renovated HDB flat. Some HDB flats in Singapore have interiors like condos!

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5. Connectivity 

As this TikTok user said in her viral video trend, “Show me the life hack you randomly saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life.” Ours is living within walking distance of an MRT station.

The thrill of a short commute to and from work will never get old. And if you don’t drive, living near an MRT station will save you time and money.

studio-apartment-vs-room-for-rent-in-singapore (6)
Malls and MRT stations in Singapore typically come hand-in-hand, so living near a mall is an added bonus to consider.

The downside is paying a premium for connectivity and the MRT effect. If you don’t mind living further away from the hustle and bustle of the city, good for you. You probably can get cheaper rent and the peace and quiet you desire. The Seletar and Punggol neighbourhoods might be somewhere you want to explore.

COVID-19 and work from home arrangements have kept us at home for most of 2020 and 2021. But with more Singapore residents being vaccinated and the government creating a model for living with COVID-19 as an endemic, there are signs social restrictions are relaxing and may even come to an end soon. Time to head out!

Conclusion on connectivity: Unless you’re a major homebody, paying more to be located near public transportation networks could be a worthwhile investment.


Should You Rent a Room or Studio Apartment?

Generally, couples waiting for their home to be built or individuals looking to buy a bachelor pad (or bachelorette pad) will benefit most from living in a studio apartment in Singapore. They’re great if you want a cosy space that offers privacy at a comfortable price point (compared to renting a two-room condo unit).

Students, young adults, and those on a tight budget may be more suited to rent a room. Renting a room with strangers makes sense if you don’t spend much time at home or aren’t too particular about your living situation. 

If you would prefer to have access to the common spaces, you could look into renting a whole apartment with a few friends. Check out these HDB and condo units you can rent in Singapore:

Ultimately, you have to pick a home to your liking. The most affordable option might not always be the best. There are tons of listings for rent you can browse on the PropertyGuru website, and you’ll surely be able to find what you’re looking for.

Whatever you choose, do your research first. Here are some renting guides you might be interested in:


More FAQs about Living in a Studio Apartment in Singapore

What Is a Studio Apartment in Singapore?

A studio apartment is a space where your living room, dining space and sleeping area is in one room. There is a bathroom attached, and you might have a balcony.

How Do You Survive in a Studio Apartment?

You’ll need to maximise your storage space, have multi-functional furniture, be highly organised and only own things you need.

Is It Hard to Live in a Studio Apartment?

It can be if you are a maximalist and like an ample living space. But you can always create a minimalist bedroom and living space, so staying in a studio is more comfortable.

Can More than One Person Live in a Studio Apartment?

Yes, but it might be a bit of a squeeze. You can try living in a loft unit with a high ceiling so you can maximise your space.

Is a Studio Cheaper than an Apartment?

Generally, renting a studio apartment is cheaper than renting a two-room flat. But depending on location, size and other factors, the price can be comparable.


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