The Anchorvale Street

The Anchorvale Street, located in Sengkang is more than a kilometre in length. Sengkang was once a thriving port area, with fishing villages and rubber plantations being the mainstay of the economy of the region. Because of these features, Sengkang’s name that literally means “prosperous harbour” in Chinese is quite justified. Today Sengkang HDB estate has a young and prosperous residential estate. This residential area comprises almost 40,000 residential units, most of them being apartments and flats. Over 138,500 people reside in these modern residential units, with the numbers expected to increase voluminously in the coming years.


The Anchorvale Street is divided into two independent lanes. The street serves as a connection between the Sengkang East road and the Fernvale Street. The Anchorvale street holds an important role in the beauty of the landscape. The street passes through the Sengkang riverside park. The Sengkang riverside park is probably the biggest park within a radius of 10 kilometres. It contributes a lot to the beauty of the landscape. There are 7 Housing Development Board blocks near the Anchorvale Street. Sengkang has a minimum postal code of 540330 and a maximum postal code of 544835. There are several HDB units present at the area which offers units with several bedrooms. The street has more than three bus terminals within a range of a kilometre and a half. The residents of the HDB blocks near the street will have great access to the well-connected road and railway network.


            There are several MRT/LRT stations located near Anchorvale Street such as Farmway LRT station, Kupang LRT station and Sengkang MRT station. Also, the area have great bus service. The nearby bus terminals are: Block 330,336B and Cheng Lim RT. The residents can hop on to Bus 110 and reach to any corner of the city. Moreover, the town planning promotes urban style of living. The HDB residents living near the street can enjoy great access to facilities like shopping centres, healthcare centres, parks, club houses, dine out centres and so on. There are many educational institutions, sport complexes and dine out centres near the area. The Anchorvale community club is located at the side of the Anchorvale street opposite to the Sengkang riverside park. There are sport complexes like Sengkang Sport Centre, Sengkang swimming pool and few more.


Educational institutions:

  • Skool4kidz Preschool- Anchorvale Crescent
  • Small Wonder Anchorvale
  • PCF Sparkletots Funhouse
  • Springdale Primary School
  • MOE Kindergarten


Dine out centres:

  • Citrus Bistro
  • McDonalds
  • Pastamania
  • Legend Café
  • Chef Recipe
  • Johnson Duck
  • Happy Cake Studio
  • Seven star coffee shop


In an urban living, public services like police stations, healthcare centres, fire stations and ATMs are required near the settlement. There are many ATMs near the HDB blocks.


Healthcare centres:

  • Sengkang Community Hospital
  • Sengkang General Hospital
  • Northeast Medical Group
  • Island Family clinic


All these healthcare centres are located within a distance of two kilometres. This makes it easy for the residents to reach them quickly in case of any emergency. Furthermore, in an urban lifestyle, flight is a common means of transport. So, the HDB bocks located near the street can have easy access to the airport. The Seletar Airport is pretty close to the locality. Also, there are some ATMs nearby. This can help the residents with some quick cash in any situation.  In an urban lifestyle, shops are an important part. There are abundant shops near the locality.


Shopping centres:

  • YY Houseware
  • Sintec Sportcity
  • U Stars Supermarket
  • Sheng Siong Supermarket
  • Anchorvale Cres Block A



Again, the area also have several religious places like temples, mosques and churches.

Religious places:

  • Puat jit Buddhist temple
  • JiGong temple
  • Shenghong temple
  • Sengkang Methodist church
  • Brother place
  • Church of Jesus Christ
  • Masjid Al-Mawaddah


Anchorvale street is connected to several other streets such as Fernvale Street, Anchorvale Road, Anchorvale Crescent, Anchorvale Link, Sengkang East Road and Compassvale Street.

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